Memory Care

The Grace Assist Plus™ Memory Care residence in Meridian has been a-buzz about the emphasis in care. The dining room chairs, recliners and sofas are made of the softest leather and the deepest plushy foam. There is an emphasis on comfort that is rarely seen these days, even in the finest hotels. But the decor is only the outside veneer; the real emphasis is on care. Linda Hines, the owner and heart of Grace Assist Plus™, explains, “It is the most elderly who need and deserve the highest level of care, the softest comforts, and the greatest love and attention.” Linda Hines emphasizes, “These are the people that need pampering the most—so let’s pamper them!”

And pampered they truly are! At Assist Plus™, one notices an altogether slower pace from the Assisted Living. Great patience and time is taken in making each resident emotionally comfortable about participating in activities, and ensuring games and tasks are entertaining but challenging.

Besides the leisurely pace for these folks, another emphasis that is highly prized by the residents is a reliable routine that divides the day according to their energy level. An energetic game of Bingo is a favorite after a hearty breakfast. And later, a lively band practice and patriotic “singspiration,” or a game of bowling led by the activity director, are a few of the activities that fill a day. Activities like these boost the residents’ alertness and sense of balance, as well as tone the muscles, and promote a feeling of optimism.

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